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Extra Large Contour Exercise Bike Seat 

12" long x 16" wide*


Was $99.95  
Our Price $84.95


Actual measurements and product sizes may vary due to manufacturing processes.

Doctor recommended "Relief Seat"

Did you ever wonder why a farmer can sit in a hard, stamped metal seat all day while he plows his fields? It's because the weight of his body is distributed over the large area of the seat. No padding at all! This simple and obvious concept was the driving force behind the Contour Seat. The hornless design of the Contour Seat with soft foam padding, has a large surface area to help relieve painful contact points in the crotch and buttock areas. This results in a seat that is perfect for elderly riders or anyone tired of the pain caused by typical bicycle seats.

*Please note the Contour Seat is a full 16" wide, the widest seat available. If you are a smaller framed person, we recommend the Hornless Exercise Bike Seat for comfort.

Please note that exercise bike manufactures do not use a standardized mounting hardware. If you need a seat adaptor, we have them in stock.  You can use this seat or almost any other seat on your exercise bike.  
Mounting may require an adapter kit. 
Choose the right adaptor
Seat adaptors instructions.  

This seat comes with an integrated 7/8" Post Clamp. A 7/8" topped seat post or exercise bike adaptor is required to mount this seat.  Call if you need help.

If you have a question regarding compatibility give us a call.
Mounting Instructions

Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!

Bicycle Seat Post Clamps 
Exercise Bike Seat Adaptor

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Universal 3 hole $32.95
Universal 4 hole $34.95
Custom $39.95

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Extra Padding   $46.75
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16" Contour Seat
Exercise Bike Seat

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All adaptor kits include the post clamp.

See the Adaptor Shapes - Match Yours

Some exercise bikes have square, round or rectangular seat posts  and only the original seat will fit these, you may contact your bike manufacturer for an adapter to use a standard bike seat, or purchase a seat adaptor kit from us.
Call us and we will make sure our adaptors fit your bike,
 or we will custom make an adaptor to fit your bike.
Toll Free (855) 855-1976

Our adaptor kit will allow you to connect 
any modern bike seat to your exercise bike!



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